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SHEEKOUT was on our shelf of dreams for a long time in two separate parts:
  1. Making a difference
  2. Starting a local brand
But it seemed like a fantasy that is hard to reach.
We did not study fashion, art or design. But it was a joyful challenge, a journey that we want to share with you.

Making a difference

Being among the first clothing brands in Abu Dhabi with a worldwide reach comes with the responsibility of proper execution that matches the magnitude of the event. We're in it with you to inspire, connect, and create new opportunities to make a change that spreads beyond fashion.


Our philosophy in design is to tell relatable stories or ideas that inspire. Regular clothing aside, here we show courage, creativity, and outstanding visuals in every piece to reflect the best in you.


The lives of young men is often overlooked, but it is a rich ocean of inspirational moments. We decided to recreate those moments and the emotions that surrounds them into art and content that can source inspiration to the community.


We want to create new opportunities through collaborations. If you believe that our goal deserves your support and you think that you can add value to our mission, contact us at
We welcome all of you to be a part of Sheekout.


What to expect from us?
  • Regular drops.
  • Daring designs.
  • Social events.
  • Inspirational & educational content.
  • Collaborations all the way!